Care for plants in aquarium

Care for plants in aquarium

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Care for plants in aquarium

Hello. I was just wondering about your opinion on when it's best to water and feed my plants. I have had two aquariums for over 4 years. The first was a 5 gallon that I used as a decoration in my living room, that I have since moved to the backyard. I have 3 small plants in it that I feed every day. I also had two fish in it. They were 3" Angelfish. I was feeding them 3 small fish food pellets everyday. I found out last year that they were having some problems with feeding because of my husband's snoring. So I moved them to another tank. I have 3 smaller plants in it. Two of them are in very small bowls. So I was wondering if the water is going to kill them. And also, if I were to feed the aquarium plants and fish should I wait until the fish stop flopping on the plants?

I have a very small tank, just 4 gallons that I keep my small bonsai tree in. Do you think I should water my plant everyday? And how do you suggest I feed them? And do you think the water is too hot to grow plants?

1. I've had my plants for a few years now. In the spring I put them in a temporary tank (10gtr, 1 or 2 fish) for a few weeks.

Then I move them to the 30gtr and leave them alone for a month or so until they're growing. I keep my tank clean, so the water is not too hot.

When I first moved my plant, I didn't want to keep them any longer, so I kept them under the kitchen table.

I've moved them inside the last year, but don't worry about a temporary home.

2. I'm a big believer in feeding my plants and fish once a week. If I'm away for the weekend, I'll water and feed as needed.

I put in a special "root" food that only has one ingredient, root food (I don't know the name of the company or the exact content), but it's very concentrated. It's like a huge vitamin pill that also nourishes the root system.

I buy it by the case. I don't want to waste the ingredients. I don't have much, but I can still give it to my plants. I put a couple drops in each 10 gtr. My plants are happy and growing!

3. When my plants start to look tired, I usually feed them half and half, fish and plants, and I don't know the exact recipe. I buy my fish food by the case, so I don't waste any of it.

4. I think a plant should be in constant water until it's too dry and doesn't like the water. Then I water it until the plant gets too wet.

5. You can't do it all yourself. I suggest you find a store or place that has a plant, fish, or both. If you've got a big tank, you might want to ask a store or someone else to help you set up the whole tank. They can also advise you if you're growing too much and need a larger tank. You can see how the fish and plants are doing at your home by simply watching and listening. It's a small price to pay for the pleasure you get from your tank!

I'm always looking for good plants and fish. If you like, you can send me pics or just post here. If you're in Los Angeles, there's one of my plants at the LA Aquarium. It's not mine, but I can give you the address. If you want pics, you can also post some here. I do have a blog, but I can't really take pictures, so if you have pics to share, you can post them there. That's where you will see all my tanks.

I got a couple questions. I'm a little too busy to do my fish tanks (too much to do in my little apartment), but what do you need to keep your fish healthy? I know you need fish and a filter, but is that all I need? And should I keep all my fish together, or can I spread them out in a couple tanks?

You need to feed them every few hours. They're finicky and only eat one of those things you put in their mouths. Some take that pretty seriously. The filter only cleans the water, not any nasty things floating around in it. You can put it in the fish tank with the other stuff you have to keep them healthy. You can put all your fish together, if you want. I like to spread them out. I have three large tanks, two smaller ones, and a couple plants and fish. Maybe more.

It's all about food. They eat just one thing at a time and get pretty upset if you take them from their food. It has to be fairly easy to handle.

The best foods for fish are flakes and flake foods. You feed the flakes or flake foods to your fish. Some fish don't like flake foods (like the betta), so I have to feed it flake food to get it to eat. The fish are finicky. My tanks are a bit crowded but I like the feel of a close room because I have no other space for them to be. They like lots of places to hide and explore. I think they look best when there are lots of plants and hiding places.I have been told to put them in a big group, which I do and it is very much entertaining. You can get fish that are "aggressive" if you want to do that, but I really dislike them. But I guess they work good for show.

Well, I guess if the school is crowded, they might have something. I have one catfish school that just stays in one spot that is usually right next to a waterfall and where they can get a nice supply of food if they need to.

I put food and water in the bowl once a day. I keep the lights on in the morning as they come back to the pool when it warms up. They usually aren't there when I wake up and they're hungry by the time I've done my morning routine. That's what I did for them this time.

I think maybe he wanted you to put the food and water in the pond. He can just be hanging out like a cat in my pond. I just don't know about you guys, but I like living here.

I am starting up again on a school of catfish. I thought I was going to be able to only do one and it would have a smaller school. But my new big pond has a few more catfish and there are a lot more hiding spots. I have been watching all my school of fish. Most of the time they don't eat any food. But I will try to take some pictures for you. Thanks.

I am still working on my new pond and it is looking good. I have a lot of plants I have had for years. But there is a little algae on the backside. But the bottom looks pretty good. I have to get some more plants as time goes on.

They do seem to like it. In fact, you can't help but see more of